Ockanickon Science Center's WAP - WML FAQ's

Enabling Current Weather on your web-ready cell phone

It's easy. Just start the browser on your cell phone or other wireless devices (consult your manual if necessary). Then open Ockanickon's Current Conditions web site by keying in the following URL:

CLICK HERE to see a cell phone simulation of the Current Conditions site.

The URL (http://ockanickon.bma2.org/wv02.wml) is very long to key in every time I want to check conditions at Ockanickon.

Most cell phone browsers allow you to save bookmarks of your favorite sites so that you can return without keying in the entire URL. This is usually referred to as "MARK SITE". Then you can access the site from the "BOOKMARKS" page of your browser's menu.

When I revisited the site, conditions weren't updated.

Ockanickon's Current Conditions WAP - WML site is updated every 15 minutes, the same frequency as the regular CURRENT WEATHER web site. You may need to use the "RELOAD" feature from the menu of your phone's web browser to update cached information in your phone.

What do "WAP" and "WML" stand for?

"WAP" means "Wireless Application Protocol" and "WML" is "Wireless Markup Language". WML is a markup language based on XML, and is used to specify content and user interface for narrowband devices, including cellular phones and pagers. Ockanickon's Current Conditions site is written in WML. Together with WAP, WML allows you to use your cell phone to browse the internet.


e-Mail any additional questions to James Moyer, GEB-SC[at]bma2[dot]org and I will add them to this page. Thanks!

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